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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Neat cooking outfit

Designed for lightweight campers, the Halulite Minimalist Cookset from GSI Outdoors (www.gsioutdoors.com) is a compact, packable collection of cooking accessories for eating, drinking and cooking which have been designed to work with and house most personal cooking stoves. In only a short time, it's become a personal favourite not least because it's so neat. With five pieces, the set can store a burner and 110g gas canister to give a handy outfit.
Its 0.6l pot is ideal for seating on a stove and its brightly coloured rubber finger gripper (love it!) means you can safely remove the pot from the heat. What's more, the gripper is magnetised so can be safely attached to the gas cartridge when not in use. For drinking and eating, the pot can double up as a mug for drinks or pot for food. A removable sleeve will enhance grip, protect hands and keep contents warm and there's a sip-it-lid which can be used if the pot's being used as a mug. A collapsible 'Foon' (combined spoon, fork and knife) completes the set.