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Monday, 17 January 2011

Designed for playing outdoors

The Swedish-designed Kozi Kidz (www.kozikidz.co.uk) range is every parent's answer for a high quality collection for children that is not only weatherproof and highly practical but also with bright fun colours and designs. Kozi Kidz is designed with kids in mind and with the understanding that today’s youngsters are no longer happy to just wear a 'mini-me scaled down versions of their parents' favourite waterproofs and fleeces. Kozi Kidz rainwear is fully waterproof and includes all the practical safety features like reflectors and detachable hoods and of course all the clothing comes in the very latest bright and cheerful seasonal colours. The Kozi Kidz collection includes waterproof Rain Suits, Rain Sets, Raincoats, Ski wear, fleece and a host of accessories as well as super up-to-date softshell to provide dryness, warmth and weather protection.