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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Clean, proof and condition

Meindl (www.meindl.co.uk ) has developed its own footwear care range that makes it simple and effective to treat and care for performance outdoor footwear. Proper aftercare ensures that leather performs as it should, stays supple, durable, keeps it shape and remains both waterproof and breathable.
Suitable for boots and shoes with or without Gore-Tex® linings, Meindl’s aftercare product range offers everything outdoor enthusiasts need to look after their footwear. Providing conditioning for leather, Meindl Sportwax @ £3.25rrp keeps leather supple and prevents it from cracking when drying out after repeated use, while the Meindl Wet Proof spray @ £4.99rrp provides a silicone coating to improve water repellency. Meindl’s Conditioner and Proofer @ £5.49rrp is a great all-round product as it combines a conditioner with a proofing agent to protect footwear from water penetration. Boots can be brought back to life with Meindl’s Cleaner In and Out product @ £4.25rrp, as it helps to neutralise lingering odours.  It keeps footwear smelling 'sweet' and provides a hygienic solution for cleaning the inside and outside of footwear without causing damage.
Although these products are designed for use with Meindl’s own footwear range, all the aftercare products can be used with any boot or shoe with a nubuck or suede upper.