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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Float away

The Sportyak 245 (www.bicpsportboats.com) is the perfect boat to use as a workhorse, fishing boat, a tender or for simply messing about on the water – it’s stable, tough, light and at a great price. The wide built-in wheels ensures that transporting from car to water is a doddle and smooth launching and recovery are easy.  Simply pick up the bow and wheel the boat to the required destination – the extra wide wheels make manoeuvring over sand or soft ground a doddle.  Ideal for 1, 2 or 3 adults – whether it is fishing, getting to your favourite spot or simply messing about on the water - the clever design ensures that you have the room and the safety. Stability was a priority when it came to the design as was the cost and durability. The Sportyak 245 is built to last and built on a solid reputation spanning more than 35 years of experience and development. £549 is a remarkable price when you consider that this includes everything -oars, rowlocks, seat, rope, seat and wheel system.  There’s nothing else to buy; just load it on top of the car and away you go.