Managed through carelesness to lose years of posts so it's time to start again - hey ho.
Plus, happily, I've been diverted recently by great trips to China and South Africa. Back on course now - sort of!

How optimistic was that comment! Almost a full year with no attention paid to content. The shame of it!
No prizes for guessing what will be top of the 2013 New Year resolutions.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


There's an assumption that using a small tent rules out using a camping table and chairs. How foolish. 
Pigeonholing is a particular hobby horse of mine. It's about the need for us to be slotted into categories, usually by marketing people seeking to make sense of a confusing world. So, we have exclusive labels attached to us as campers such as family, car, lightweight and backpacker to list but a few. The reality is that there are no hard and fast boundaries between campers. Rather, there are core users in each group with plenty of blurring around the edges. I met up a couple of years ago with a bloke who I first met many years ago on a Backpackers' Club weekend in the Cheviots. He's now 76 years old and still enjoys camping. Sometimes that's with his car as transport to a site. At other times, it's on foot to wild pitches with his grandson. Is he a backpacker, a family or car camper? I think he's just somebody who enjoys camping.