Managed through carelesness to lose years of posts so it's time to start again - hey ho.
Plus, happily, I've been diverted recently by great trips to China and South Africa. Back on course now - sort of!

How optimistic was that comment! Almost a full year with no attention paid to content. The shame of it!
No prizes for guessing what will be top of the 2013 New Year resolutions.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Guide to child back carriers

Child back carriers are enjoying a surge in popularity, as parents enjoy the freedom and convenience of taking their youngster about the town or country without the limitations of a pushchair to contend with. With so much choice and variety in the marketplace, choosing the right type of carrier can be a challenge. Now Little Terra has produced a free downloadable guide to help parents make an informed choice when selecting a children’s back carrier. Available online at www.littleterra.co.uk/choosingchildcarriers the guide is packed with information including fitting, frame construction, weight considerations and accessories.