Managed through carelesness to lose years of posts so it's time to start again - hey ho.
Plus, happily, I've been diverted recently by great trips to China and South Africa. Back on course now - sort of!

How optimistic was that comment! Almost a full year with no attention paid to content. The shame of it!
No prizes for guessing what will be top of the 2013 New Year resolutions.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Trek and travel light

Vaude’s Astra Light is a modern-styled travel and trekking pack designed to take the burden out of backpacking with quick and easy access to the main compartment, meaning you needn’t spend hours working out in which order to pack your gear. Lightweight, durable and versatile, the Astra Light is a practical backpack for outdoor adventure - www.vaude.co.uk.